Success Stories

Gram Panchayat Accelerated the Income Generating Efforts by Wome

The COVID-19 outbreak had a widespread effect on the rural economies. It has affected household incomes, rural businesses and has brought many families on the verge of helplessness. But as it is said, admist all darkness, there is a speck of light which acts as a ray of hope. This could be totally validated with the efforts made by the Gram Panchayat of village Koba in Anandpuri block of Banswara district for accelerating the income generating activities of women in the village. Along with this, the local self governments were in frontline to serve the people of the village and help them survive the difficult situations during the lockdown.

Shanti Ninama, a labourer who fulfilled her basic needs by engaging herself in labour work got unemployed due to lockdown. She had a small piece of land but the income through the land couldn’t suffice the needs of her family. Ultimately she had to look for other sources of income. Read more