1. Name: Lassi Devi/Late Sundar Paragi
  2. Age: 42 years
  3. Location/Village/Town: Village Sundrav/Gram Panchayat Sundrav/ Panchayat Samiti Anandpuri/ District Banswara
  4. Occupation: Agriculture
  5. Members in the family: 6 Members (Lassi is mother and 5 of her children)

The family of Lassi is headed by herself. Her Husband passed away two years back due to a severe disease. Post her husband demise she herself is managing to support her family. The family include 5 of her children- where Sushma is pursing BA and Kajal completed her 12th. Other three are children who are studying in 8th, 3rd and 1st class respectively.

The family is solely depended on Agriculture as one of the main occupation. Apart from agriculture production the government scheme is an additional source to sustain their livelihood. The family is entitled for Palanhar Scheme (to children) and Widow Scheme. However it came to our knowledge that widow pension been regular but due some reasons the benefit of Palanhar scheme was not received post initial months.

The lockdown period had been an outbreak to the family, where they are facing many unanticipated challenges. Harvesting was been one of the challenges during the period of lockdown. Gathering and managing fodder for animals also were a challenge for the family. Through interaction with field team we came to know that the children are depended on Mid-Day-Meal as their one time meal. As effect of lockdown the family pressure on serving that one time meal also become an additional challenge to manage in the time of crisis.


Additionally the MGNREGA also become a source for the family income. The present months were the crucial time post the harvest season for getting involved in MGNREGA. In the given situation of COVID-19 it is then become a concern somewhere whether the opportunity will get to be part of MGNREGA or not.

On this crisis time, where the family was trying hard to manage the harvesting, unable to get the benefit of scheme and Mid-Day Meal as an option to reduce the pressure of one time meal. The VAAGDHARA initiative to provide with food material helped the family to sustain for upcoming days. Those items which can’t be accessed from market or even due to shortage of money the grocery items can’t be purchased (additionally there was an increase in the price of market goods), these food/grocery items (provided by VAAGDHARA) somehow supported the family to sustain. The children were then also got benefited from the supply given by VAAGDHARA.

On the above mentioned narratives, the field team of VAAGDHARA extended their support to ensure that the benefit of the Palanhar Scheme shall be received as soon as possible. There were stages where the family (specially the mother) lost the hope that the entitled scheme’s benefit won’t be received anymore. On the other side the VAAGDHARA field team of JSS Koba continuously motivated and determined towards helping the family in receiving their entitled amount.

With a constant interaction with E-Mitra and a good relationship with E-Mitra all the attempts were made to provide the family with their entitlements. In recent updates (during the period of lockdown, in the month of May) we came to know that the Palanhar scheme benefit re-started and they received a lump sum amount in the month of May.

Additionally the support of providing grain by government is also helping the family to sustain their livelihood. The field team of JSS Koba is constantly making sure that such families not get missed with these benefits. In such initiatives by the JSS Koba field team under the guidance of facilitator Mr. Mansingh Ninama this family too is receiving the benefits provided by the government (through PRI).

The accumulated situation of the family then becomes a challenging situation to sustain their livelihood and manage a family. This also creates lot of mental pressure. Thus the aid provided by VAAGDHARA has helped the family to sustain their life.