Mr. Majid Khan

Lead TSU

As the leader of the Technical Support Unit, he plays a pivotal role in ensuring its integration within the VAAGDHARA ecosystem, providing technical and managerial excellence to field-level teams. The unit focuses on maintaining the technical quality of various thematic interventions. His responsibilities extend to facilitating collaborative work with thematic experts, applying innovative, sustainable, and efficient approaches to interventions across programs undertaken by different units of Vaagdhara and its partners. With over 13 years of multifaceted experience in Social and Community Development, he contributes significantly to partnership development, program design, technical assistance, implementation, liaison, networking, and team management. In his 7-year tenure with the organization, he has been instrumental in its expansion. His educational background includes an MBA in NGO Management and a PGP in Rural Development, reflecting his commitment to a comprehensive skill set.

Mr. Prabhulal Garasiya

Tribal Culture & Knowledge Swaraj Expert

Operating as a representative of the local tribal community, he fulfills the role of a Tribal Culture & Knowledge Swaraj Expert within the organization's Technical Support Unit. Demonstrating adept skills in community mobilization related to tribal culture, practices, and knowledge, he collaborates closely with community-based organizations to revitalize cultural practices and enhance tribal knowledge within the community. With an extensive 27-year background, he has actively engaged with farmer communities, children, and women through diverse programs while being an integral part of various grassroots organizations. Over the past 14 years, he has played a crucial role within the current organization. His educational background includes completing Higher Secondary education.

Mr. Chandra Kant Tiwari

Health and Nutrition Sawaraj Expert

In the Technical Support unit of the organization, he serves as a Health and Nutrition Swaraj Expert, providing crucial technical support and guidance to the team. His focus lies in ensuring a comprehensive understanding and facilitation of health and nutrition components, driven by a passion for fostering well-being and community empowerment through a Swaraj lens. With prior affiliations with Care India, Global Health Strategies, and PATH-supported programs, he brings a wealth of experience. He has successfully led multi-thematic programs at the district level, including Health, Nutrition, WASH community processes, showcasing versatility in his responsibilities. Known for embracing challenges, he encourages teammates to share his vision. Holding a Master's in Social Work, his educational background complements his commitment to community health and development.