Secretary Desk

We have been promoter of Sustainable Integrated Farming System – SIFS approach among the local farming communities in Rajasthan and adjoining tribal regions of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat for the past five years. The success of this can be quantified with having mobilized the largest number of farmers towards the adoption of SIFS practices by poor families in remote regions. Within perspective of gender balance society we have been organizing women groups and improving their access to resources be it financial, physical and knowledge.
This year we collaborated with Praxis India and organized side event at U.N. HEAD QUARTER to influence post 2015 development agenda participated in ‘Voice for Change’ representing Vulnerable Tribal Communities in remote tribal area of three states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.
The financial year has been marked by the continuation of our association with several international and national agencies like IKEA, NABARD, Sir Ratan Tata Trust (SRTT), SCF and among others. We continue to, work with the Ministry of Tribal Development and Ministry of Panchayati Raj and Government of Rajasthan. I am also grateful to state Government, development partners, financial institutions and other organizations and academicians
This year we did introspection of 15 years of our existence and evolved out perspective plan for coming six years i.e. till 2020. Our Perspective plan again reinforced our focus to broad categories of Strengthening Livelihood of poor; addressing the Rights of the Children and facilitating the poor to voice their concerns and issues. The intricacies involved in the SIFS, Child Labour prevention and Voice of Tribal has created enormous scope for improvement in our approaches adopted during implementation.

The challenges faced during the financial years, be it in the ground level difficulties of terrain has only strengthened the capacity of our staff with the experience gained. Continued guidance and encouragement of our Governing Body has provided energy for our teammates to strive forward. Their insights have proved valuable in our endeavors to address all the three focus areas. Of special mention is the active role played by members of the Governing Body in preparing our perspective plan for the next six years.

A special thanks to our partner communities with whom we have worked at the field level with shared visions. Last but not the least a word of appreciation to the commitment and work of our teams.

Jayesh Joshi