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Voluntary Association of Agricultural General Development Health and Reconstruction Alliance ( VAAGDHARA)

VAAGDHARA is non government organization, registered under The Societies Registration Act, 1958, and FCRA. VAAGDHARA was formed in 1986-87 as a result of efforts of a number of individuals including health professional, academics, farmers and social workers.

The immediate goal was to provide relief of farmers who have become victims of successive droughts in Ghatol Tehsil of Banswara region. Starting with delivery of agriculture inputs such as seed and fertilizer distribution for 15 farm families, the scope and work area of VAAGDHARA has expanded exponentially.

With the aim of augmenting livelihood sources and options through improving traditional agricultural practices among the tribal population and other marginalized groups, the organization has undertaken a variety of activities. The organization, at a broader level, has always strived for the upliftment of tribal community through Policy advocacy, realization of child rights, empowering women and proofing the food security net of the community through their livelihood enhancement.

Success Stories

The Children’s group from Morwaniya fricative and be the victor

The Children’s group from Morwaniya fricative and be the victor

“There is a tradition in tribal communities that whenever it comes to talks of rights, the tribal community stands up for its rights on its own” There was no ground to play in school, the members from the Children’s group raised this issue in front of Panchayat Sarpanch and the ground is being ready under MGNREGA...
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