P.L. Patel

Lead Agri Business

Since 2010, he has been an integral part of Vaagdhara and presently spearheads the Ecopreneur vertical. In his role, he identifies farmers, through community-based institutions, engaged in large-scale organic crop production. His responsibilities include ensuring fair market rates for their produce, enhancing their sales and marketing skills, and identifying young farmers capable of establishing SMEs for sustainable livelihoods. With a robust 34-year background in the development sector, he previously contributed 12 years to BIAF. Armed with a Bachelor of Rural Studies, his wealth of experience reflects a deep commitment to fostering sustainable practices and empowering farmers within the community.

Prakash Dewada

Sales & Marketing Manager

As the Sales & Marketing Manager in the Ecopreneur vertical at Vaagdhara, his role is pivotal in supporting small farmers in establishing Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) and fostering connections with larger FPOs through strategic marketing activities. In addition, he conducts training sessions to enhance their capacity in effectively managing FPOs/SMEs, covering aspects like marketing strategy, branding, and quality management. He actively facilitates the participation of smallholder farmers in exhibitions and seminars related to organic agriculture practices, providing them exposure. With academic qualifications including a Master's in Science (Environment Science), a Master's in Social Work (Rural and Urban Community Development), and a Bachelor's in Science (Soil Conservation and Water Management), his diverse educational background complements his role in the dynamic field of sales and marketing in sustainable agriculture.