Surbhi Saraswat


Surbhi, a seasoned professional with an impressive 14-year tenure at Vaagdhara, showcases unwavering dedication and expertise in her role. Currently heading the Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (PMEL) unit, she holds a pivotal position in the organization's strategic planning. Surbhi's extensive experience has endowed her with a comprehensive understanding of development initiatives. Renowned for her commitment to fostering sustainable impact, her leadership in PMEL ensures that the organization's initiatives are meticulously planned, effectively monitored, and continuously optimized for learning and improvement, emphasizing her integral role in steering Vaagdhara towards impactful and sustainable outcomes.

Aaqib Ahmad

IT Lead

As the Lead-IT at the organization, his role revolves around offering technical support to the team, ensuring the timely update of existing software, websites, and Android applications. He strategically formulates plans for integrating new functionalities into the software and oversees their seamless implementation. Additionally, he manages all social media accounts for the organization, consistently uploading posts to enhance online presence. His educational background includes a Master of Applications from JNTUH Hyderabad, reflecting his expertise in the field of Information Technology and commitment to maintaining the organization's technological infrastructure at the forefront of innovation.

Nipun Tankha

Impact Lead

Serving as the Impact Lead in the PMEL vertical at Vaagdhara, he shoulders the responsibility of data analysis for various research and activities. His role includes identifying gaps and proposing effective mechanisms to achieve desired outcomes. Furthermore, he plays a key role in team orientation on management and technical skills, supporting the refinement of the organization's internal MIS portal to obtain specific real-time data and desired outputs. With a robust background, he brings 18 years of experience, encompassing sales, marketing, operations management at the district level in CSR and NGO sectors, as well as expertise in training facilitation, Monitoring & Evaluation, and advocacy with government and various stakeholders. His professional journey includes stints with reputed organizations like Indiacan, ICICI RSETI, and Educate Girls. He holds certifications in various skill areas such as Retail Management and Entrepreneurship from MORD and other reputable organizations.