Our Vision, Mission & Objectives

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With Swaraj as North Star, the tribal and farming communities have climate resilient sustainable livelihoods, food and nutrition security, assured child rights and improved governance system.


Establishing the significance of Swaraj at a larger level for ensuring sustainable livelihoods and realization of childhood through integrating new-generation and indigenous technology, knowledge and practices by creating and nurturing vibrant, gender-equitable institutions of tribal communities at tri junction of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya-Pradesh states of India.


The key objectives of the organization for the next 5 years are:
Tribal communities participate, design and contribute in development and governance process democratically and take forward their issues at local, regional, national, and international platforms through empowered people’s organizations.
Strengthened community actions help manage livelihood resources of small and marginal tribal families sustainably in harmony with ecological conditions and adapted to climate change.
Tri junction of 3 states emerges as place where children enjoy their rights of survival, development, protection and participation in an inclusive manner.
Sovereign and circular lifestyle of tribal and farming communities for sustainable development’ – is learnt through grassroot experiences and exchanges at global indigenous forums.

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