“There is a tradition in tribal communities that whenever it comes to talks of rights, the tribal community stands up for its rights on its own” There was no ground to play in school, the members from the Children’s group raised this issue in front of Panchayat Sarpanch and the ground is being ready under MGNREGA

As we all know “Where there is a will there is a way” In the same context we are sharing a true story from the tribal community of Rajasthan with you.

District Pratapgarh, Block Peepalkhunt and Morwaniya are a Gram Panchayat.  In a government school in Morwaniya, Children were very upset due to not having a playground. The Children’s group raised the issue in a monthly meeting. These children were saying that- we are in big trouble-“There is no playing ground in our school and there are bushes and bumpy ground all-around” In such a situation, where do the children do sports activities?

The Children’s group from the village put this issue in front of the community and not only with the community, they also shared this issue with an organization working for the protection of child rights and Village Development and Child Rights Committee. The committee along with BAL Panchayat representatives apprised Gram Panchayat Morwaniya Sarpanch Smt. Antar Devi about this problem.

In November 2020 Quorum proposed this in the meeting

There were Panch, Sarpanch members of the Children’s group and Village Development Child Rights Committee insisted on resolving this problem. This was taken sincerely by the Sarpanch and assured to solve this problem at the meeting of the Panchayat, it was proposed that the ground would be leveled under NREGA scheme and all the members accepted this proposal.

In December 2020, the field was leveled under NREGA and all the bushes were also removed from here.

After that, the members of the Children’s group visited the playground they were satisfied and thanked the Village Development Child Rights Committee and the Gram Panchayat. However, children are not able to play here after the second lockdown.

In this context, Mr. Majid Khan (Theme Leader of Child Rights) VAAGDHARA told about the organizations that VAAGDHARA is an Indian organization and K.K.S from Germany is collaboratively intervening. The project is being conducted with the aim of increasing the participation of children in the development of the village while ensuring the nutrition and livelihood of the families from 7 villages at the bank of river Mahi in the Peepalkhunt Panchayat Samiti of Pratapgarh District.

In this context, last year as the unlock down process begin Children’s group was formed with the participation of children age 8 to 18 years old in the village. As the Children’s group formed by Mr. Chagan Lal Ninama, JSS Facilitator and SIFS Mitra they regularly started the meetings with this group. In these meetings, they discussed the children’s problems as well as they strengthened the group about child rights.

During the discussion in the meeting of October 2020, the members of the Children’s group raised the issue of the school playground and after that, all these children together fought and won their own battle with concerted efforts.

People from the community are sharing their views on this:

Appreciations to the contribution of Children Group:

We have to think only for the development and participation of children. Their problems and inquiries are consciously or unknowingly ignored by us. Somehow, this hinders their development. Really this is such a commendable effort and contribution of children for children.

Mukesh Singhal, Child rights-program officer, VAAGDHARA, Banswara (Raj.)

When children put their words in front of elders and they are called upon to fulfill them like persistence, then this is our responsibility as elder we have to come forward for development work. This children group of Morwaniya is an ideal example throughout the district.

Antar Devi, Sarpanch, Morwaniya

We are the children of modern India; we will bring the community forward to grab the attention of the community about their issues and their problems and to solve them and our village will move towards child-friendly village.

Raveena, Sarpanch, Children’s group