Name - Kesarbai Ranglal Bamania

Village Name - Ghatin

Gram Panchayat - Delwada

Tehsil - Ghatol

District – Banswara Rajasthan

Women Saksham Group Name - Dashmata Female  Saksham Group Ghatian

Kesar Bai is a 43-year-old tribal marginal farmer woman who cultivates her livelihood with her husband Ranglal Bamaniya, who cultivates wheat, and maize in rainfed farming on 2 bighas of land. There are 4 boys and 1 girl in Kesar Bai's family and they also have supplementary cattle for farming. They have 8 goats and 3 buffaloes. Kesar Bai shares her hand in homework along with laboring in agriculture.

Kesar Bai was connected in 2018 by VAAGDHARA, in which Kesar Bai associated with this saksham group and learned how true farming and organic farming is relevant in today's world. This was explained to women of 20 capable groups by facilitator Gauri Gendot. VAAGDHARA Sansthan gave regular participation in the meeting, Kesar Bai & Mahila saksham Group got details of sustainable integrated farming and vermicompost dasparni organic farming.

Vegetable pests were given to these saksham groups by the VAAGDHARA, they were given seeds of coriander, chili, brinjal, tomatoes, onions, etc. The aim of the VAAGDHARA was that these women should put a nutrition garden in their fields or houses where there is available space and eat the vegetable from these nutrition gardens for good health. VAAGDHARA facilitator Gauri Gandot trained her with the Nemastra Dasparni Vermicompost in her home's nutrition garden.

Surprisingly, from 2018 to 2020, onion seed conservation was done by Kesar Bai, which was taught by Vaagdhara and planted in the area (20 X 5) in December 2020 and by putting organic fertilizers and vermicompost. Kesar Bai produced 1.5 quintals of onions in her nutrition garden. Those onions at the rate of Rs. 30-35 and she earned Rs. 3500/-. In particular, all these onions were produced from the waste of borewells.

Kesar Bai gave a unique example of how we can make our lives better with fewer resources and it has also become an inspiration for other women in the village.

Vikas Parashram Meshram
(Program Officer True Farming)