The term 'Right to Survival’ refers to a fundamental right that is given to every citizen of India by the constitution. But “child right to survival”, especially in tribal areas, means the right to birth, the right to care from a guardian, suitable health care and health education, safe drinking water, right to the reception of identity and nationality and having a legal name.

Right to birth

In a society where female feticide is common, pregnancy termination is also widely prevalent as indicated by the latest pattern. This is where ‘right to birth’ comes into play. Every child, irrespective of age or gender, has the right to take birth, live and grow into a healthy adult.

Right to care

Every tribal child has the right to be taken care of and to grow up in a protected environment where their basic needs are being fulfilled and where they remain safe from exploitation, harassment and away from miscreants.

Suitable health care and health education

Every tribal child, irrespective of the circumstances under which they are growing up, has the right to access the benefits of a good health care system. They also have the right to an education that will increase their awareness about leading a healthy life.

Safe drinking water

Access to pure and safe water and sanitation are imperative for a child’s healthy and disease-free life.

Right to identity

Having a surname, a first name, or knowledge about their parents is a basic right that any tribal child must be ensured by the government.