Tribal children are usually more vulnerable to discrimination. Hence, the society must ensure that they get an environment where there is no discrimination based on color, race, caste, gender or for being differently-abled. The concept of child marriage, still prevalent in many parts of Rajasthan, needs to be abolished.  It has to be ensured that a child isn’t ignored or faces cruelty or falls into the trap of bonded labour. They have to be protected against physical or mental torture and kept away from intoxicating substances. A child must be protected from natural and man-made calamities like floods, earthquakes, drought and war, among others. Apart from these, it is important to safeguard a child from being exploited sexually and from being kidnapped. Above all, it should be ensured that minors are not lured into crime and those found guilty are corrected and helped to get back into the society.


Children are more vulnerable to discrimination. The trauma of discrimination in childhood stays for life and affects the overall personality. Hence it is even more important that they are being safeguarded from discrimination in different places. Children mostly experience discrimination related to origin, gender, language, religion, disability and sexual orientation, among others.

Against Child Marriage

It would not be wrong to call child marriage the end of a beautiful childhood. Sadly, it is still prevalent in many states of India, especially in Rajasthan. It is an injustice to replace school lessons with household responsibilities and forced pregnancy; this is nothing but a violation of human rights. As a community, we have to ensure that ‘child marriage’ is completely removed from society.

Against Physical & Mental Torture

Both physical and mental torture has an everlasting effect on the child’s mind and makes them very fragile emotionally. They either lose their self-confidence or they are unable to socialize. Hence, we as a society have to ensure that children are being protected against physical and mental torture.

Protection Against Sexual Abuse

In India, most recorded cases of child sexual abuse either have a family member or a person known to the child present behind the crime. This means that the child has to be protected at home as well as at the community level.