Vaagdhara adds cultural touch to the annual event
October 15, 2016
VAAGDHARA organizes Child Rights Week starting from Children’s day on 14th Nov ends on child rights day 20th November
November 14, 2016

Light up a life this Diwali It feels good!


While this most awaited festival brings out the best feelings of love, joy and camaraderie, it is a great time to spare a thought for the less fortunate. As you might be fortunate enough to celebrate this joyful festival of lights this with your family and friends, there are people for whom it remains just another day where they work really hard for their basic needs.

Buying diyas, think of the potter. Decorating Pooja Ghar with the Sugarcane plant, remember the farmer who labors in the field. Burning a cracker, think of those women and children who work in a fireworks factory. This auspicious occasion is the perfect time to start thinking about the unprivileged, and make a small effort to bring a positive effect in their lives.

Instead of ostentatious display of wealth as it is fast becoming, Vaagdhara encourages you to be a source of hope and opportunities for people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Remember that what some of us spend on a single night of Diwali celebration can keep a poor family going for a year. You do not necessarily need to touch the lives of many, but sure can do something to brighten up a life, share the joy of this festival with at least one person.

Vaagdhara has been working throughout the year for the growth and development of the deprived communities at local, regional, national and international platforms. And, on this most celebrated event of the year, we invite you to donate, not just money but any stuff – things you bought but never used, things you’re bored of, things just piled up. Bring out these extra stuff piled up in your house and donate it to someone who actually needs it!

We accept any form of donations that could be used for the betterment of these people. We are happy to receive clothes, shoes, books, school bags, stationery, or even a box of chocolate for this Diwali!

Sharing your bit with these underprivileged children and bringing a smile on their faces can definitely be much more delighting than watching big crackers bursting high across the sky.

Have a safe and joyous Diwali!

-Vaagdhara Team

Donations accepted at:

Village and Post KOPDA,