Celebrating Children’s Day, Vaagdhara organized "Baal Sabha" in Kanda panchayat, as planned. The event was honored by the presence of esteemed guests including local authorities (Sarpanch, Vard Panch, Secretary), and child groups of Kamji ka Kheda, Kanda, Mudasel, Jetpura, Pandiyapor.

This event focused on sharing the on-going issues that children from these areas are facing, which are holding them back from growth and development. Some of the issues that these children presented along with the authorities are:

  • Playground land-leveling in schools,
  • Lack of teachers in schools,
  • Water of hand-pump is not clean,
  • Need of more rooms in schools,
  • Lack of sports equipment in schools, and other difficulties in their education.

Hearing their difficulties, the Sarpanch of the area assured that these will be taken care of on priority, and that actions on some of these issues has already been taken. Also, Abhinav from Vaagdhara shared the activities which Vaagdhara is performing to ensure that the rights of every child are realized. On this occasion, it was great to hear about various activities that children have taken up on their own in their locality for the overall betterment including health and education improvements at local level.

Baal Gram Sabha, Children’s day, child rights, child education, health, education
Vaagdhara organized Baal Gram Sabha
Vaagdhara organized Baal Sabha on Children's day to discuss issues.
Vaagdhara organized Baal Sabha on Children's day

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