Ujjani has great importance in the tribal community. According to this tradition, all people of the village gather at the place where Mataji's place is and ask for rain from Lord Indra with an earthen pot, grains, and aak leaves. The pot of water is filled with leaves and then is turned upside down. If the water is falling down drop by drop, then there is less chance of rain. But if more water falls down from the pot, there is a possibility of good rain. Afterwards, a wish for rain to come is made. Due to this, the village is informed on the next day by beatings of the drum, and food in the form of Ujjani is prepared under a tree outside of the house. The food is eaten together and the women sing songs and pray to Lord Indra for rain to fall.

To keep this tradition from being forgotten, there is a need to re-establish it in the tribal communities through educational meetings. This could also aid in reconnecting society and creating a new sense of belonging together. So it is very important to maintain it.