Halma tradition of tribal community

To keep traditional practices alive, we need to seek out communities and gradually restore people's knowledge of the customs that have been carried out traditionally. For generations, Halma was practiced by the tribal communities but has slowly been neglected. It is reported that this tradition helped the people of the community to do the work more easily and with more joy. Today, Halma is hardly used anymore, although this practice could make work and thus also life easier for many people. To revive this tradition, we all need to come together and bring awareness to the communities. People must learn to recognize, understand, and implement the advantages of Halma again. For this, meetings have to be held and knowledge has to be shared. If Halma is not revived, our society will lag behind in terms of brotherhood, love, and economy. If we don't keep this tradition alive, future generations will lose this practice and with it a piece of their cultural heritage.