For the new generation, ensuring sustainable livelihoods through indigenous technology, traditional knowledge, and integrating customs to ensure "True Sovereignty" at the community level, working as a primary institution at the village level, is the goal of Gram Swaraj Samooh.

This Samooh, working with an earthly and independent approach, will represent the entire community of the village. The Gram Swaraj Samooh will work on issues of social and economic justice in the village and promote community unity. It will establish a dialogue with various stakeholders to eliminate various malpractices in the community and actively participate in the formulation of village development plans. It will also work to connect members of the marginalized section of the community with government services and programs related to child welfare and create a child-friendly environment in the village. In this group, 10 men and 10 women from each village will participate, with an obligatory representation of women. While any man can become a member of the Gram Swaraj Samooh, priority will be given to members of the Gram Vikas and Bal Adhikar Samiti during the selection of male members. Each member of the group will hold regular meetings per month, working through the Gram Chaupal to apply the concept of village development and Swaraj to the entire village.