When there is a shortage of water, according to an ancient tradition, all the women in the village come together to appease Lord Indra. Going to the surrounding area of the village, they are dressed in men's attire and carry swords, sticks or guns in their hands. The women sing the songs of Indra Dev together and ask him for water. When the rain comes, no man should come forward in the way. If a man comes forward, then it is considered inauspicious and there is a delay in the rain. Hence a Prasad from that man disturbing is to be taken and left as an offering to the god as this fulfils his wishes.

Today, this practice is getting forgotten by people as the communities are drifting apart. This results in a lack of cooperation in doing such work together in society and leads to a gradually decreasing faith in God. Therefore, in order to preserve these old customs and culture in the tribal community, there is a need to strengthen the community again by bringing people together and educating them on these practices.