Focused on the philosophy of Swaraj, Bal Swaraj, meaning a leadership role in a happy life with sustainable local/indigenous and traditional cultural values, emphasizes the necessity for children to have a happy and fulfilled life with good, successful, innovative, adaptable, and productive personalities. Special preparations are needed for the development of these capabilities. It is believed that having knowledge and skills related to the significant issues being faced by the world today, such as the conservation of natural resources like water, soil, etc., along with cleanliness, health, and the development of skills to change one's emotions by recognizing them and making changes according to the situation, is paramount. With the involvement of children in these groups, it can be assumed that they will be prepared to lead their lives according to the principles of Bal Swaraj within the relevant community.

In all 1041 villages, boys and girls, between the age of 8-16 years, who are from the tribal community or excluded from education, can be part of the group. The selection of children will involve 

equal participation of 8-10 children in the age group of 8-10 years, 4 children in the age group of 11-12 years, 4 children in the age group of 13-14 years, and 4 children in the age group of 15-16 years, totaling 20 children. The number of girls may exceed the number of boys, but it will never be less. After the selection of children according to age, the elected members will vote to choose the positions of Bal Sarpanch, Bal Sachiv, and Bal Up-Sarpanch. One of the positions of Sarpanch or Sachiv must be always filled by a girl. The name of the Bal Swaraj Samooh will be decided by consensus after the election day. A week after this election, the group will organize its meeting to decide which tasks related to children's development are mandatory and what responsibilities the members will have in fulfilling these tasks. Monthly capacity-building meetings will be organized at the community level with these groups to ensure improvements in the situation of children's rights in the community.