VAAGDHARA: Empowering Tribal Women
March 9, 2017
Name it Luni Saag; Purslane; Portulaca; Luniya; Noniya or Gonu, but do not forget its richness
Name it Luni Saag; Purslane; Portulaca; Luniya; Noniya or Gonu, but do not forget its richness
June 1, 2017

In a significant development through Child Right for Change Project, with support of Save the Children, 5 villages of Banswara District of South Rajasthan who has hub of child labour have been declared as Child labour free. This is a unique achievement perhaps not achieved in any other district of the Rajastahn state. It has been possible due to strong efforts of Child Right for Change Programme Team, Community awareness and support system of VAAGDHARA and Save the Children.

The fighting for stop Child labour: child friendly villages has been going on last couple of years where aims to remove child labour , increase the enrolment and retention in schools, stop child migration, pre- school education as per Right to free and Compulsory education Act, 2009.

At a function organzied at Banswara district , different departments marked their presence in honble Chief guest Mrs Resham Malviya applauded their efforts of Save the Children, and Community based Institutions and others for achieving the feat.

Social Justice Department officer, Mr. Rokariya said We can imagine of a good society only when we ensure Protection of Child Rights.

Over a period of time, poor and deprived villagers started getting benefits of those government schemes and they gradually withdrew their children from working as labourers. Now their children go to schools and the village organizations not only keep an eye on their regular attendance in schools but also ensure that teachers do not skip classes. With their intervention, proper mid-day-meal is served to the children and they are provided every benefit meant for them.

After carrying a series of intensive activities and verification such as village survey, Inspections of village level shops and nea, Focus Group Discussions, Awareness Campaigns and Pledging of Communities etc. it can be concluded confidently that 5 villages of Banswara District is at present free from child labour till today, the 23rd March, 2017. This historic achievement is created jointly by the Labour Department, Child Welfare Committees; Community based Institutions VCPCs, Children Groups and Tribal Communities.

It is hoped that the working towards making Villages free from child labour shall continue in future too in order to maintain this historic achievement and to prevent children from work and re-integrate to full time quality education said Jayesh Joshi, Secretary VAAGDHARA.

Ramakant Satapathy , Save The Children congratulated villages for being Child labour free and shared that Child protection itself start from home and parents does have knowldge on their children rights for making child friendly society.

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