Child safety committee knocked on the collectors door

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February 16, 2017
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Childrens future in danger: Child Safety Committee has taken the responsibility

No torch is needed; A spark is enough to ignite the fire. Such an example has been presented before us by the childs safety committee of Pandiyapore. Three years ago in 100 villages of Ghatol, VAAGDHARA along with the help of Save the children has started the project Child rights for change in which to ensure child rights, child safety committee was build on the village level.

From last three years child safety committee of the village Pandiyapores panchayat Baslikheda has presented the memo and has been seeking for permission for opening Anganwadi in the village at block level as well as the panchayat level but since they have got no solution from anywhere, so today on 20/02/2017 twenty members of committee knocked on the collectors door.

The members of the committee presented the problems arising for children development in front of the Collector of Banswara in which they stated that because of lack of anganwadi in the village children among age group 3-6 years are deprived from education which is a hindrance for their development and also there is no such system of vaccinations. Women faces a lot of problems as they have to go to nearby villages.

Khomji Bhai, president of the committee told the collector that in Pandiyapore there are 116 families in which there are 66 children of age-group 0-6 years who are deprived from the Anganwadi. There is an Anganwadi in Jetpura which is 2km away but it is not possible for the parents as well as children to travel daily. Teenager girls and pregnant women have to face so many problems.

Members of the committee told that memo has been given so many times on the block level but till now no solution have been taken out. That is why today District Collector has been aware about, along with the problems arising in schools for the education of children due to lack of teachers. He told everyone that the elementary school in Pandiyapore have been upgraded into higher primary school, i.e. there are 1st -8th classes now but on 120 students there are two teachers from which one teacher is always busy in government works. The future of 120 students is in the hands of one teacher alone. Also there is shortage of classrooms because of which students face problems.

Moreover, the collector was also brought to notice the water from Narvali division canal which reaches to Dungar Tahal via Kadapada where the canal is in bad condition whose water reaches Pandiyapore from Jetpura via seepage due to which crops are getting destroyed. The members of child safety committee have requested for electricity connection in the village where students in school get the facility and they will gain the opportunity to learn computer.

The collector gave assurance to the members of the committee that their issues will be resolved soon so that the children and villagers get a better life.


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